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Psalm 50:1-15

1The Mighty One, God the Lord,

         speaks and sum- | mons the earth*

         from the rising of the sun to its | setting.

2Out of Zion, the perfection of | beauty,*

         God | shines forth.

3Our God comes; he does not keep | silence;*

         before him is a devouring fire,

         around him a mighty | tempest.

4He calls to the heav- | ens above*

         and to the earth, that he may judge his | people:

5"Gather to me my | faithful ones,*

         who made a covenant with me by | sacrifice!"

6The heavens declare his | righteousness,*

         for God him- | self is judge!

7"Hear, O my people, and I will speak;

         O Israel, I will testify a- | gainst you.*

         I am | God, your God.

8Not for your sacrifices do I re- | buke you;*

         your burnt offerings are continually be- | fore me.

9I will not accept a bull | from your house*

         or goats | from your folds.

10For every beast of the for- | est is mine,*

         the cattle on a | thousand hills.

11I know all the birds | of the hills,*

         and all that moves in the | field is mine.

12"If I were hungry, I would not | tell you,*

         for the world and its full- | ness are mine.

13Do I eat the | flesh of bulls*

         or drink the | blood of goats?

14Offer to God a sacrifice of thanks- | giving,*

         and perform your vows to the | Most High,

15and call upon me in the day of | trouble;*

         I will deliver you, and you shall glo- | rify me."