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Psalm 119:97-104


97Oh how I | love your law!*

         It is my meditation | all the day.


98Your commandment makes me wiser than my | enemies,*

         for it is ever | with me.


99I have more understanding than all my | teachers,*

         for your testimonies are my medi- | tation.


100I understand more than the | agèd,*

         for I keep your | precepts.


101I hold back my feet from every | evil way,*

         in order to | keep your word.


102I do not turn aside from your | just decrees,*

         for you have | taught me.


103How sweet are your words | to my taste,*

         sweeter than honey | to my mouth!


104Through your precepts I get under- | standing;*

         therefore I hate every | false way.