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Psalm 119:81–88


81My soul longs for your sal- | vation;*

      I hope | in your word.

82My eyes long for your | promise;*

      I ask, "When will you | comfort me?"

83For I have become like a wineskin | in the smoke,*

      yet I have not forgotten your | statutes.

84How long must your ser- | vant endure?*

      When will you judge those who perse- | cute me?

85The insolent have dug pit- | falls for me;*

      they do not live according | to your law.

86All your command- | ments are sure;*

      they persecute me with falsehood; | help me!

87They have almost made an end of me | on earth,*

      but I have not forsaken your | precepts.

88In your steadfast love | give me life,*

      that I may keep the testimonies | of your mouth.