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Psalm 112:1–9

1Praise the Lord!

Blessèd is the man who | fears the Lord,*

        who greatly delights in his com- | mandments!

2His offspring will be mighty | in the land;*

        the generation of the upright | will be blessed.

3Wealth and riches are | in his house,*

        and his righteousness endures for- | ever.

4Light dawns in the darkness for the | upright;*

        he is gracious, merciful, and | righteous.

5It is well with the man who deals generous- | ly and lends;*

        who conducts his affairs with | justice.

6For the righteous will nev- | er be moved;*

        he will be remembered for- | ever.

7He is not afraid of | bad news;*

        his heart is firm, trusting | in the Lord.

8His heart is steady; he will not | be afraid,*

        until he looks in triumph on his adver- | saries.

9He has distributed freely;

he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures for- | ever;*

        his horn is exalted in | honor.