Psalm of the Day                                                         Bread of Life                                                     15 November 2020



Psalm 90:1-12

1Lord, you have been our | dwelling place*

          in all gener- | ations.


2Before the mountains were brought forth,

          or ever you had formed the earth | and the world,*

          from everlasting to everlasting | you are God.


3You return | man to dust*

          and say, “Return, O chil- | dren of man!”


4For a thousand years in your sight

          are but as yesterday when | it is past,*

          or as a watch | in the night.


5You sweep them away as | with a flood;*

          they are like a dream,

          like grass that is renewed in the | morning:


6in the morning it flourishes and | is renewed;*

          in the evening it fades and | withers.


7For we are brought to an end by your | anger;*

          by your wrath we | are dismayed.


8You have set our iniquities be- | fore you,*

          our secret sins in the light of your | presence.


9For all our days pass away un- | der your wrath;*

          we bring our years to an end | like a sigh.


10The years of our life are seventy,

          or even by reason of strength | eighty;*

yet their span is but toil and trouble;

          they are soon gone, and we | fly away.


11Who considers the power of your | anger,*

          and your wrath according to the | fear of you?


12So teach us to number | our days*

          that we may get a heart of | wisdom.