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Psalm 119:9–16

9How can a young man keep his | way pure?*

         By guarding it according | to your word.

10With my whole heart I | seek you;*

         let me not wander from your com- | mandments!

11I have stored up your word | in my heart,*

         that I might not sin a- | gainst you.

12Blessèd are you, | O Lord;*

         teach me your | statutes!

13With my lips | I declare*

         all the just decrees | of your mouth.

14In the way of your testimonies | I delight*

         as much as in all | riches.

15I will meditate on your | precepts*

         and fix my eyes | on your ways.

16I will delight in your | statutes;*

         I will not for- | get your word.